On-demand Webinar: Don’t Let Business or IT Transformation Leave Your GRC and Internal Controls Behind

Across the globe, financial and data privacy regulations are the new norm. Yet, organizations undergoing business process and IT transformation often fail to include governance, risk and compliance activities as part of their transformation initiative. This leaves a major gap trying to ensure your internal controls, data privacy and audit reporting are able to transform at the same speed as the rest of your organization.

Demonstrating compliance with SOX, data privacy requirements, and segregation of duties will become more complicated as your enterprise landscape continues to evolve. This is because existing controls can’t keep up with the pace of innovation as companies turn to best-of-breed, cloud-based solutions such as SuccessFactors, Workday, Kronos, Ariba, Coupa, Dynamics, Salesforce.com, and many others. Since these solutions have to be implemented quickly, compliance takes a back seat to business growth. And the only time it will become a priority again is when there’s an audit finding.

Join Governance, Risk and Compliance experts James Rice and Juliet Henry for an interactive presentation on how you can easily and cost-effectively overcome these challenges.

In this webinar you’ll learn how to:

  • Standardize user access controls across all applications
  • Unify compliance and risk detection of all cloud, hosted, and on-premise systems under one solution
  • Minimize the impact of compliance on the business
  • Significantly reduce the cost of SOX and regulatory compliance
  • Identify access violations that could cause misstatements and/or inaccuracies in your company’s financial statement
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James Rice
Vice President, Customer Solutions
Greenlight Technologies
Juliet Henry
VP, Data Privacy & Protection
EPI-USE America