On-demand Webinar: Firefighting for SuccessFactors and Other Cloud Applications - What You Need to Know

Numerous situations arise where you must grant “super-user” access in SAP SuccessFactors to employees. But this falls outside the standard, structured process for access-provisioning, creating unacceptable compliance gaps and risk exposures that will draw audit scrutiny.

How can you balance the need to provide exceptional access without circumventing access-control barriers? View this special 30 minute on-demand Webinar now to learn about an efficient, consistent, structured and compliant process for granting temporary, highly privileged access.

You will also discover how you can:

  • Monitor for high-risk activities of temporary/emergency super-users and create an audit trail
  • Streamline the temporary/emergency access request and fulfillment process using defined emergency access provisioning roles
  • Automate super-user access requests, approvals, ID issuance, and revocations
  • Automatically notify IT security or application administrators when Firefighting IDs are in use
  • Simplify audit preparation and reporting for exceptional access
  • Add Firefighting to Ariba, Workday, Salesforce.com and other cloud applications too
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View Now!