Discover How to Navigate Today's Cyber Threats and Expose the Business Impact of Potential Attacks

We live in an era of mega-breaches – devastating attacks that can uncover huge volumes of sensitive information, expose company secrets, and bring business operations to a halt. But it’s impossible to completely avoid an attack, so what’s the solution?

The best equipped businesses are evolving their cyber strategies and recognizing that having security solutions in place is not enough. They’ve found that along with prevention measures, companies need to develop effective ways to monitor for control failures and emerging threats, and understand the business impact if an attack is successful. This webinar will give you the tools to navigate the new normal to managing cyber threats from the top down.

View this on-demand webinar to discover how to:

  • Compare your security program against leading security practices and controls
  • Identify and address gaps in meeting evolving security requirements
  • Automate testing of general IT controls
  • Translate the impact of security events, insider risks, and data breaches in a business context