Webinar: How Jabil Automates SoD Control Monitoring and Ensures Audit Readiness as They Roll Out SAP S/4HANA

As part of its digital transformation journey, Jabil is moving business units onto SAP S/4HANA. One of the keys to the success of this transition was Jabil’s investment in SAP Access Violation Management by Greenlight to support global compliance processes throughout their transformation and ensure the effectiveness of their controls as they deploy SAP S/4HANA environments.

Join this webinar to hear how Jabil relies on SAP AVM by Greenlight to monitor transactions for actual Segregation of Duties (SoD) risks so the time and effort spent manually testing controls is eliminated and risk owners are only engaged when actual risks are detected. Jabil will share their transformation and then Greenlight will show how you can use SAP AVM to automatically identify, review, remediate and report on materialized SoD control violations in a complex business environment.

Learn how to:

  • Include control automation in your digital transformation
  • Achieve efficiency, productivity and accuracy when transforming controls
  • Reduce enterprise-wide access governance costs
  • Clearly articulate the financial exposure access risks have on the business
Wednesday, June 17th, 2020
2:00PM - 3:00PM ET

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Susan Zortea
Senior Manager of Global Governance

Susan Stapleton
Vice President, Customer Advisory
Greenlight Technologies