Internal Controls and Fraud Prevention Checklist

How pervasive is the business-controls problem? A recent study by ACFE found that “a lack of internal controls, such as segregation of duties, was cited as the biggest deficiency” in control weaknesses that can lead to fraud. In its “Access Governance Trends Survey,” Ponemon Institute LLC found that 57% of organizations surveyed lack the confidence to know whether their user access practices are compliant because they don’t have enterprise-wide visibility of that user access.

With Greenlight you can quickly ensure your SAP and non-SAP solutions are secure, respond to suspicious activity and analyze business activity for risk or compliance issues.

Download the checklist to see the top ten applications that Greenlight's customers have asked to integrate with SAP Access Control to achieve enterprise compliance before an auditor identifies the gap.

“Leveraging innovative solutions like SAP Access Control and Greenlight allows Sharp to do more and maximize resources. For example, we achieved an 80% reduction in IT personnel time required to manage access governance and SoD controls. This translates to a reduction of 300 hours per month spent on SoD monitoring. In addition, we increased the number of systems managed by SAP Access Control by 33%.”

Associate Director, Information Security
Sharp Electronics Corporation