The IT Professional's Guide on How to Deal with Audit Findings Related to IT General Control Failures

It’s no surprise that the number of material weaknesses being reported each quarter continues to grow. When analyzing the 10-Ks and 10-Qs to uncover the reasons, it becomes clear that many of these are caused by a breakdown in IT General Controls.

The issue that many companies face with IT General Controls is that while they are typically managing the theoretical risk – what a user can do with their access to different systems – they struggle to monitor and assess the actual risk – what a user did do with their access. This is important because the stakes are high when a company reports a material weakness. One recent company making headlines saw a 4% drop in stock price because of it.

In this guide, we will take a deeper dive into the material weaknesses being disclosed and walk through the steps to remediate the issues & ensure they don't happen again. You will also discover how to:

  • Improve your overall compliance posture and lower the security risk profile
  • Automate the monitoring of your IT General Controls across business applications, databases and enterprise systems
  • Protect your company from both internal and external threats
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