On-demand Webinar - Digital Transformation of Risk Management: Real-time Monitoring of Every Transaction

Why settle for a slice when you can get the whole pie for the same price? That’s exactly what happens when companies settle for random sampling of transactions. With digital transformation, every online transaction, digital interaction, and IoT enabled experience is captured. Despite the availability of troves of data, companies still blindly accede to only samples of transactions taking place across the enterprise.

Random sampling – an archaic method utilized in the 1700s – was once the best way to minimize the impact of risk. In the digitally enabled businesses, every transaction that takes place across on-premise and cloud applications is captured. As firms embrace transformation in their business model, they can no longer afford to limit the review to 2% to 5% of all transactions

Join our guest speaker Forrester Analyst Alla Valente and Greenlight’s VP of Customer Solutions, James Rice, to learn about the future of GRC and monitoring everything. Alla will walk you through the paradigm shift taking place at companies as they look to move away from random sampling into an age where everything is monitored.

View this on-demand webinar to:

  • Identify how random sampling can lead to an audit finding
  • Discover why you need to take to monitor every transaction
  • Learn about the future direction of GRC
  • Learn how technology enables your business to monitor everything – all applications, all users, all risks, and all transactions


Alla Vallente

James Rice

Vice President, Customer Solutions
Greenlight Technologies

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