How Do You Move to Exception Based Monitoring and Quantify SoD Risks?


For many organizations, manual controls still make up a large portion of the framework to mitigate segregation of duties issues. While many SAP customers have automated the proactive analysis process with SAP Access Control, the mitigating controls required where conflicts cannot be removed is still time consuming and can be a burden on the business. Not only is the process painful, it has been challenging to prove the financial impact that poor SoD controls may be having on your business.

View this on-demand Webinar to learn how SAP Access Violation Management by Greenlight can reduce manual efforts in mitigating access risk. Hear how the solution is enabling customers to:

  • Eliminate manual mitigating controls for SoD
  • Move to exception-based monitoring for actual SoD conflicts that occur during transaction processing
  • Quantify your financial exposure from access risk to drive change where the risk may be too great for your appetite