Introducing Firefighter Capabilities for Ariba

Firefighting capabilities such as compliant emergency access and support are now available for Ariba with Greenlight ResQ for Ariba. Sign up for the demo to discover how this solution provides end-to-end access lifecycle management for super users including access request, approval, credentialing, and activity auditing for chosen business applications.

Key features include:

  • Comprehensive, standardized approach that automates and manages super-user access requests, approvals, ID issuance, and revocations
  • User-status indicators notifies IT security or application administrators when ResQ IDs are in use
  • Streamlines the temporary/emergency access request and fulfillment process using defined emergency access provisioning roles
  • Policy rules for monitoring for high-risk activities of temporary/emergency super-users
  • Intuitive, business-friendly user interface
  • Simplifies audit preparation and reporting for exceptional access
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