White Paper: How to Extend SAP Access Control to All Business-Critical Applications to Achieve 100% Real-time Transaction Monitoring

SAP Access Control analyzes each user’s entitlements within a siloed ERP system to determine if there is a Segregation of Duties violation. When a violation is detected, the user is flagged for review. But the only thing you know is that the user CAN perform a fraudulent transaction. The reviewer knows where the risk is, but doesn’t know if any fraudulent activity actually occurred. And the review is only capturing a small fraction of the transactions taking place across the enterprise.

Download this white paper to find out how you can extend SAP Access Control to monitor transactions and master data changes in real-time across all of your business-critical applications to uncover the moment a violation occurs.

You'll discover how to:

  • Lower the internal cost of control monitoring, testing and reporting by 80% over manual approaches
  • Minimize the risk of insider threat by alerting and responding to suspicious activity
  • Monitor real-time risk across Ariba, Salesforce.com, Oracle, SAP, Workday and other business applications to establish consistent access compliance policies
  • Automate manual mitigating/compensating SoD controls with 100% transaction monitoring