Discover How Leading Companies Automate the Last Mile of Segregation of Duties

Are you looking to extend your SAP Access Control solution to monitor systems such as Ariba, Concur, and more? Do manual controls still make up a large portion of your framework to mitigate segregation of duties (SoD) issues? Is your visibility into the true impact SoD violations have on the business limited?

Find out how leading companies are quantifying financial exposure from SoD and extending SAP Access Control to monitor additional business applications. View this on-demand webinar to hear how they minimize manual controls and fast track SoD compliance with SAP Access Violation Management by Greenlight.

You'll also find out how to:

  • Minimize manual mitigating controls for SoD
  • Move to exception-based monitoring for actual SoD conflicts that occur during transaction processing
  • Quantify financial exposure from access risk to drive change where the risk may be too great