On-demand Webinar: Don’t Be the Next Breach Headline. Learn How to Get More Out of Your SIEM Solutions

You’ve invested a lot of time and money into security solutions to fortify your network and protect the infrastructure. However, those tools leave a blind spot when it comes to business applications and the critical data you are trying to protect. It is evident, based on the headlines each week announcing devastating new data breaches, that the status quo of monitoring security logs and alerts is not enough.

Now is the time to move your business applications that are used to access your critical data to the top of your priority list. After all, you can’t afford to wait any longer because no CISO wants to see their company’s name in the news headlines next week. To see how you can better protect your company, view this on-demand webinar. You will discover:

  • How SIEMs fall short in analyzing the data, transactions and activity in your ERP, business applications, cloud solutions and backend databases
  • Ways to detect breaches in real-time where personal data has been viewed, exported, modified or deleted
  • Steps for getting additional value out of your existing investments in SIEM
  • How to achieve faster root cause analysis and security risk analytics of all the data relevant to the security ecosystem
  • Method for monitoring hundreds of enterprise systems, business applications and other security tools in order to process technical security logs or events
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