How Do You Effectively Address the Data Privacy Imperative in Health Care?

Data privacy has been top of mind for health care organizations since the introduction of HIPAA. Now, with the evolution of EMRs, cloud computing, and advanced analytics, policies and procedures around data security must also evolve.

According to 61% of respondents to the SANS State of Cybersecurity in Health Care Organizations survey, medical/health record systems are considered the most at-risk information asset for Health Care Organizations.

View this on-demand webinar featuring Dr. David Delaney, MD – Chief Medical Officer, SAP Healthcare, to hear how SAP, in partnership with Greenlight Technologies, is delivering an analytics-based platform for IT executives to monitor their data privacy programs and communicate progress and vision to the board.

Learn how the solution enables you to address the data privacy imperative now by:

  • Centralizing cybersecurity standards with internal policies & procedures
  • Automating the linkage between cyber policies and standards with underlying controls
  • Identifying and addressing gaps in cybersecurity controls
  • Creating a culture of proactive risk mitigation