On-demand Webinar: Stop the Noise! How to Gain Real Visibility into Your Security Threats

Are you inundated with too many security alerts?

Do you spend too much time and effort chasing down security events which may or may not have an impact on the business?

Are your security solutions missing the business context of all those security events?

While network and system level preventive and detective solutions have fortified the security landscape of enterprise networks, true visibility into what is happening with sensitive data remains elusive in many cases. Application and data level blind spots, along with insider threats, can result in data breaches despite the best network security solutions.

Join us for this critical 30 minute webinar to find out exactly what is happening with your critical data and gain 100% visibility into your business activity at the transaction level.

By attending, you’ll discover how to:

  • Instantly detect anomalous activities against your most critical data to discover data breaches as they happen
  • Achieve real-time 100% monitoring of personal data across business applications and enterprise systems
  • Gain the insight to close security holes and STOP data breaches when they occur
  • Ensure your security team’s time and effort is spent protecting your company’s most important assets
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