On-demand Webinar: Ask the GRC Experts Q&A Series: Audits and Look Backs

‘Tis the season…

Not just for holiday cheer… but for year-end audit procedures.

For many organizations, manual controls still make up a large portion of the framework to mitigate segregation of duties (SoD) issues.

During audit cycles, when ineffective manual controls are identified, or the lack of controls in general is raised as a red flag, a “look back” process may be required to satisfy an Auditor’s request. Are you one of the organizations who has to apply many resources to perform manual look backs to prove inappropriate activity has not taken place?

Please join us for a discussion on reducing the burden of data gathering and manual analysis when asked about mitigating controls.

Key discussion points will include:

  • Analysis of potential vs. actual SoD violations
  • Automating look backs to satisfy audits to eliminate weeks or months of manual effort
  • The move to exception-based control monitoring and elimination of manual mitigating controls
  • Quantifying your financial exposure from SoD
  • Sharing best practices in access governance with your peers

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